I love hearing the perfect song at the perfect time as if it's the soundtrack for what I'm living. Over the years I've made up hundreds of songs that have worked like musical medicine to heal my heart and mind. But my favorite song to sing is the one that works for who I'm singing it for.  So here's some songs organized by topic that might be just what the doctor ordered.  Let's start with the most common ailment:


Or If you've had some time to heal, there are songs like...

And if you have a more complex heartbreak (like you realize that all your relationships end the same way), then you need a song like:

If you did your best and you just need mercy...

If you just recently fell in love...

and you are certain it's the real thing, try the songs:

If you just need a song that helps you appreciate the love you have...

And for appreciating good sex, try:

If you are not in a relationship now, but you feel blissful and unburdened about it:

If you are too hurt to love or haven't let yourself feel much of anything lately, the song...

...is strong medicine, but it may serve.

A forgiveness, and working through conflict song:

There are songs that have saved my life.  They have been to the darkest places and shine a light through.

Tools for getting out of Depression

Getting free of Addiction

If you need Strength for getting through a shattering experience:

If you need Inspiration for these economic hard times:

To appreciate your beautiful quirky self:

To appreciate this wild world:

For tough times, you need strong songs, so here's some songs that can bear you up after the loss of a loved one:

Sweet songs of life and death

Enjoying the Bliss of This Moment

Here's some songs about breaking old boundaries and Outgrowing what held us back:

Stirrings and yearnings of the heart/The adventure of faith

When you are feeling a Loss of Faith, here's some song that can be there for you:

If you just have some Frustration with institutions of religion:

Here's one of my favorite categories:

Following our faith even if it leads outside the institutions of religion

Songs for Peace

Here's some fun songs about Kids and Parenting:

Here's some songs that have inspired me to a Life Well Lived: