If you decide to have David write a Custom Song for you or for someone in your life, he'll talk with you on the phone and then spend time honing the words and music into something truly unique. It could be a song that takes you back to a certain moment in time that is yours, or it could be a gift for a loved one that will have them wondering how David could possibly know so much about your personal relationship. It's up to you! Because these projects take David several days to create, there is a significant fee involved, but you'll be getting David's love and attention to detail, and you'll have a recording to keep and share. 

Please click on David's video above for more insight into his process.

If you're interested, please drop us a line.

Some Custom Songs...

"David Wilcox, we just listened to the song, and it was so perfect...I cried."

-Erin and Bill

View lyrics to The Real World

A video note of gratitude from "The Real World" recipients Erin and Bill.

"Thank you so very much for composing what will forever be OUR song! Not only do we now have this eternal symbol of our love, but with every listen we are reminded of the enjoyment we had sharing our story with you. We can always turn to our song when we have doubts, or get off course, or just need a reminder to imagine the next great adventure. The whole process was a gift that we will never forget, nor be able to duplicate (until we request another song, that is). [smiley face]"

- Micheal, Rashel and Z. Davey

View lyrics for Can You Imagine

"Please pass along to Dave my sincerest appreciation for our song. He hit a home run for us and captured all that we could have hoped. It was so special to hear his interpretation of our conversation with him, and hear reflections of our relationship for an artist whom we have admired for so long. I'm not sure Thank You suffices to convey how much Karen and I love the song. We have been playing it constantly. When we first saw one of Dave's shows, he described himself as a storyteller and seeing first hand how he has written our story is a humbling experience."

-John and Karen

View lyrics to No Reservations

"Wow, I'm speechless.  We both listened to the song, and we were both in tears by the end.  This song somehow takes all of the things that came from us, that we told David, and brings it to the surface such that it is emotionally overpowering.  This is exactly what we had hoped for.  Please share our greatest appreciation with David!  Lisa only wanted to listen once tonight because she wants to keep it "sacred," but I had to listen two more times."

-Blaine and Lisa

View lyrics to The First Dance

"David crafted [Promises Kept]...a gem of a song for my 10th wedding anniversary, and [I] felt he walked beside us our whole life together. He pulled together a master narrative that would make shrinks jealous. And I should know...As a guy who works in the insight-making business, and have 'processed' our wild road together with many a professional, I always felt something was missing in merely 'talking about' a marriage. But then with David's musical palette, everything changes in an instant. I can personally attest to David's unparalleled genius in understanding and celebrating the sacred life. Thank you!!!"

Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.

"If I had realized I wanted proof that souls are knowable, that poetry can break a heart open, that David Wilcox shares a rare gift of encouragement through his music, that Roni deserves better than me – but accepts me anyway – If I had realized that I wanted that, I could not have wanted for more than David's generous song.

 Plus, it's very cool to have a theme song. Please keep up the good work!"

David Nachman

View lyrics to Balance of Aikido

This Custom Song was as close to being an "EMERGENCY" as a song could be. Celeste came to us to see if David could write them a song for their wedding taking place in just a few weeks' time. David rose to the occasion and delivered Blueberry Days, Strawberry Nights.

"The song is amazing and beautiful. We were moved by the time spent with David thoughtfully listening to our story. And the resulting song, we feel, truly captures both the words and the feel of our love story in both the lyrics and the feel of the music. It's obvious David truly listened and felt what we had to say, and also speaks of his art! David should know, we have listened to the song Blueberry Days and Strawberry Nights many times already and it will stay with us always (as many of his other songs already do). We are planning to use the song as the opening moment of our wedding ceremony, as it tells the story of our beginning and hints and our forever future!"

-Celeste & Dave

View lyrics to Blueberry Days, Strawberry Nights

My husband and I just returned from Africa yesterday. We had a lot of great adventures seeing the gorillas but one of the highlights of our trip was when I played David's song on our anniversary. We were having breakfast, just the two of us, and exchanging anniversary cards. Then, I told him I had one other surprise but he would have to listen. So, I downloaded the song on my cell phone and played it. I could tell that he recognized David's song style in the first few chords. Then when he started to sing, Larry's face went from "oh, this is David Wilcox"; and then "oh my god, he is singing about us!" "How did you do this?" "He nailed it" "He is such a talented songwriter."

Anyway, it was one of the most magical moments and I am so grateful that such an amazing singer and songwriter offers such a special gift. We have "our song" and we will cherish it always. It’s hard to "blow away my husband", but thanks to David, I'm a hero! This will be our "new song" that will outlast us. What an awesome gift.

-Mary Ann for her husband, Larry

View Lyrics for Traveling Together