The View From the Edge

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DavidWilcox_2018_Cover Art-01.jpg

The View From the Edge


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Those who know David Wilcox's work know how exhaustively he pours his heart and soul into his songwriting and recording. It's his technical ability and meticulous craftsmanship that elevate this work, as he employs an impressive repertoire of tunings and cut capos in his unique approach to the guitar. More than anything, however, it is the intimate storytelling and the deeply held messages of Wilcox’s lyrics that are taken to heart and held so closely by his listeners. On May 11 the beloved singer-songwriter returns with The View From the Edge, his first album since 2014’s Blaze. It's an album that reflects four years of thinking, writing, crafting, playing and life.

Includes the following tracks:

all photos ©2018  Lynne Harty

all photos ©2018 Lynne Harty

  1. We Make the Way By Walking

  2. It’s Alright

  3. Chain of Anger

  4. Land a Man on Earth

  5. He Saw the Water

  6. Everything I Think

  7. The View From the Edge

  8. Santiago

  9. Forest Fire

  10. Helicopter

  11. One Fine Day

  12. Secret Well

  13. Infinity Pool