A Custom Song that Bob had David write and record as a surprise gift for his wife Petra.

Bob: It was the day before our 17th wedding anniversary…

Petra: Here I was sitting in our living room, listening to a new David Wilcox song – “It’s Alright”.
“Nice” I thought – but actually I meant to clean the kitchen, then Bob says: “Listen to the next song, you might like it”. Well, I listened and I cried. Wow, this anniversary gift really blew me away!

Bob: This gift was also a treat for me. It gave me the chance to speak with someone I've looked up to for years. David's music had helped me through some difficult times in my past and now we would talk on the phone?! I thought: this would be like my dad taking a call from Elvis! I was nervous, but David makes one feel as if they're chatting with an old friend. I'll never forget it.

Petra: Thank you so much – it has been a while since I felt like a rainforest and you made it happen!

Bob: David has a keen ability to take a conversation and turn it into art. He listened to our story and turned it into a beautiful song that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.