My husband and I just returned from Africa yesterday. We had a lot of great adventures seeing the gorillas but one of the highlights of our trip was when I played David's song on our anniversary. We were having breakfast, just the two of us, and exchanging anniversary cards. Then, I told him I had one other surprise but he would have to listen. So, I downloaded the song on my cell phone and played it. I could tell that he recognized David's song style in the first few chords. Then when he started to sing, Larry's face went from "oh, this is David Wilcox"; and then "oh my god, he is singing about us!" "How did you do this?" "He nailed it" "He is such a talented songwriter."

Anyway, it was one of the most magical moments and I am so grateful that such an amazing singer and songwriter offers such a special gift. We have "our song" and we will cherish it always. It’s hard to "blow away my husband", but thanks to David, I'm a hero! This will be our "new song" that will outlast us. What an awesome gift.

-Mary Ann for her husband, Larry

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