This Custom Song was as close to being an "EMERGENCY" as a song could be. Celeste came to us to see if David could write them a song for their wedding taking place in just a few weeks' time. David rose to the occasion and delivered Blueberry Days, Strawberry Nights.

"The song is amazing and beautiful. We were moved by the time spent with David thoughtfully listening to our story. And the resulting song, we feel, truly captures both the words and the feel of our love story in both the lyrics and the feel of the music. It's obvious David truly listened and felt what we had to say, and also speaks of his art! David should know, we have listened to the song Blueberry Days and Strawberry Nights many times already and it will stay with us always (as many of his other songs already do). We are planning to use the song as the opening moment of our wedding ceremony, as it tells the story of our beginning and hints and our forever future!"

-Celeste & Dave

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