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David Wilcox


Big Horizon

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released 1994   A&M Records

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Management: Russell Carter and Tom Simonson for Carter/Simonson Management, Decatur, GA
Fan Club: David Wilcox Music Fans, c/o Carter/Simonson Management, 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave., Suite 755, Decatur, GA 30030

"An Instant Record" Produced by Richard Gottenhrer and Jeffrey Lesser
Engineered by Jeffrey Lesser
Assisted by Suzanne Dyer at RPM Sound Studios and Steve Regina at Beartracks
Recorded at RPM Sound Studios, NYC
Additional Recording at Live Wire, NYC
Mixed at Beartracks, Suffern, NY
Project Coordinator: Diane Ball

Jonatha Brooke and Jennifer Kimball appear courtesy of Elektra Entertainment, a division of Warner Communications, Inc.

David Wilcox uses D'Addario Strings exclusively.

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Art Direction: Chuck Beeson
Design: Rebecca Chamlee with Chuck Beeson
Photography: Dennis Keeley

*Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Ben Wisch
*Assistant Engineer & Additional Engineering by Chris Theis
*Basic tracks and overdubs recorded at Beartracks, SUffern, NY Assisted by Steve Regina and Matthew Knobel
*Additional recording at Soundtrack, NYC, Assisted by Scott Canto and Todd Childress
*Mixing and overdubs at Quad Recording, NYC
*Technical support: Robbie Norris
*Production Coordination: Cindy Wisch

I want to thank Amy Kurland, Bill Melanson and Patrick Clifford for helping me be able to work at what I love. Big thanks go to Kevin and Linda Nealon for friendship and hospitality on both coasts and a safe refuge in the big city. Thanks to Al Cafaro, David Anderle, Jim Guerinot, Brad Pollak and all the other kind people at A&M. Thanks to Tom Simonson and Russell Carter for leading the way. Thanks to Ben and Cindy Wisch, Richard Gottehrer and Jeffrey Lesser and all the inspired musicians. Great working with you! Warm thanks (and I want to buy dinner for...) David Cohen, Don Conoscenti, Cliff Eberhardt, John Trazer, Billy Jonas, Dave Mirkin, James Olsen (who built my guitar) and Terry Rindal. Thanks to Chris Kidwell and Jon Purdy (who got me off the ground). And, to my kind parents George and Anne, my wonderful brother Michael and my new family Nance Pettit and Nathan. Thank you for a life worth singing about.

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