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New CD blaze

David's New CD "blaze" is available now

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released 2014

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As Wilcox notes in his liner notes, blaze is a “complex blossom of contradictions that is held together at the
center by this blissfully focused state of mind that I first came to know while pedaling across the country.”
The blossom of this record has petals that go out in different, seemingly contradictory directions.
"Working with the bigger sonic choices that this rhythm section brought gave me a broader
emotional palette and meant that I could go beyond those introspective, soul-searching songs
and actually state some strong opinions."

This led to blaze's first single, the driving protest anthem Oil Talking To Ya, a rallying cry
against environmental neglect.

"That song started with just a riff that was fun to play and morphed into a statement about the world.
”Rather than surrender to the sort of post-apocalyptic, killing-each-other-for-gasoline model of the
future that we’re used to hearing,

Wilcox has painted a positive vision of a society that’s gone beyond its destructive habits.
It imagines that we really do have other viable choices

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