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released 2010   What Are Records?

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Recorded at The Monastery in Cincinnati, OH in April 2010 in front of a live studio audience -

Engineered by Ric Hordinski

Package design by Nathan Wilcox-Pettit and Ouziad Designs -

Holga Photography - Nathan Wilcox-Pettit

Management: Tom Simonson -

Booking:  The Roots Agency -

There is a subtle musical instrument on this recording that adds to what you hear.  It’s the room.  Not just that it’s a great sounding studio with great microphones and all that, the cool part was that it wasn’t just the microphones that were listening.  The Monastery was filled with listeners who had come long distance to help with this live recording of all new songs.  We told them up front that this was going to be a different sort of concert.  No applause at the end of each song until the last guitar note had faded out.  Especially with new songs, the people I’m playing for always affect the way I play.  I can feel their hearts somehow.  This is what makes playing concerts so much fun for me.  And it’s also why inspired studio performances have been so elusive for me at times in the past.  On my previous CD, Open Hand, I found a solution.  I was singing for the other musicians there in the session and it felt like a real audience because they were hearing each lyric for the first time as we recorded it.  We had rehearsed the music.  They knew the changes and had the charts, but I saved the lyric for the first take.  That made all the songs fresh.  It was the best of both worlds: the great sound quality of a studio and the great spontaneous feel of a live audience.

So this time, for Reverie, I invited people who knew my music to come to a very unusual show.  I warned them that I wasn’t going to be playing any of their old favorites.  These were all songs that they had not heard before.  I know it was a lot to ask, and I’m so grateful that you guys were all up for it.   You came from all over the world.   During the show, I explained where each song had come from and what it meant to me.  Except for one, those introductions were left off the recording.  These songs can easily introduce themselves to you over time, now that you  can repeatedly step back inside that night with those other brave listeners and hear these songs captured for the first time.

Thanks to Tom, Ric and to everyone who made this all possible, and to all of you for listening.

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